translate SDLXLIFF files in other tools

Prepare files in SDL Studio

  1. Open the SDL Studio project.
  2. (Optional?) Copy source to target (or pretranslate files)
    1. Choose the Files view, select the source language in the top left corner.
    2. Then select the file, right-click on it and choose Batch tasks / Copy to Target Languages.
  3. Open the file for translation and save it to make sure that it is really prepared.
  4. Close the SDL Studio project.

Move files and translate them with MemoQ or DVX

  1. Go to the folder with the target files in the Studio project structure. It can look like: c:\username\My documents\Studio 2011\Projects\My Project\fr-FR\myfile.sdlxliff.
  2. Move the SDLXLIFF file to another location and translate it in memoQ or DVX or another tool
  3. Export your translation, and move the exported file to the original target SDL Studio folder.

Check and process file in SDL Studio

  1. Open the SLDXLIFF file in your Studio project and check that everything is OK.
  2. You now have to change segment status to "translated":
    1. Press the Shift key and click in the first row in the segment number column, then click in the last row of the same column without releasing the Shift key.
    2. Keep the cursor in the segment number column, right-click and choose Change segment status / Translated.

Update your SDL Studio memory (optional)

  1. Choose the "Translation Memories" view.
  2. Select the translation memory that you want to update.
  3. Right-click and choose "Import" and follow the wizard.


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