Dear all,

During the last few days we have been carefully monitoring your comments and feedback, and we would like to apologise for the issues we have caused you surrounding our licensing and processes. To try and rectify this effectively we have implemented some immediate changes:

As you know, as part of the upgrade process, we asked you to return your old license first. After the licenses were returned you should have received your SDL Trados Studio 2009 license and a time-limited license of SDL Trados 2007 Suite. This policy has now been changed. Once you have returned your licenses we will now add to your account a permanent and unlimited license of SDL Trados 2007 Suite as well as a permanent license of SDL Trados Studio 2009.

a. Anyone making a new purchase, and anyone who has not yet activated or returned their license, will find a permanent SDL Trados 2007 Suite license available to them as soon as they complete the upgrade process.

b. People who have already activated their new Studio license will also be able to replace the temporary license of SDL Trados 2007 Suite, with a permanent one.

It is already possible to deactivate / reactivate licenses and on reactivation they will become permanent. More detailed instructions will follow from our support team in due course.

We originally implemented the changes to streamline our account and licensing system, to protect our Intellectual property, prevent license theft and ensure we can continue to more easily improve our licensing and activation system. This is a normal practice followed by most software companies which upon upgrade purchases will not allow two simultaneous licenses and versions to run in parallel. However our execution and communication was less than brilliant. We hope that with this change, you will now be able to move forward and enjoy the new features in SDL Trados Studio 2009.

We realize that the process of returning licenses appeared cumbersome and complicated. Our systems and communication were not clear and there has been confusion created by our new process.

We have already introduced improvements to our online account system that should make the process clearer. We will continue to improve the process and over the next few days you will see more improvements coming up. We are also introducing better ways of getting immediate support for licensing and activation, this will become evident in due course and details will be provided to this forum.

There have been many posts in the last few days, mostly around licensing. There have also been some on other subjects that are probably lost in the numerous threads that have developed. Whilst we have been enhancing all the normal places to look, Support Centre,, faq's on, we will also pay particular attention to this forum and try to help out a little more than normal.

For all the inconvenience we can only apologise, and hope that with the changes introduced you will be able to get up and running on the new software much more easily, and start to enjoy the new SDL Trados Studio 2009.

To summarise, everyone who upgrades or buys a new license of SDL Trados Studio 2009 will have in their account permanent SDL Trados 2007 Suite licenses and we will continue to improve the process to upgrade to the latest version.

We do apologise for all the inconvenience and we thank you very much for your feedback. We are continously trying to improve the ways in which we can gather your feedback and this forum has been particularly helpful in this regard. The feedback, big or small, good or bad, is all read and we do take it into account in the way we work and in what we offer you.

Paul Filkin
on behalf of
SDL Trados Technologies


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